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Gadsby & Skol

Origin: Toronto, Ontario, 🇨🇦

The story of Gadsby & Skol is a tale of a 1970 Toronto psychedelic-rock group that experienced a resurgence over 50 years later with the release of their cult-hit album on vinyl. The album features a mix of high-flying instrumentals and contemplative lyrics, exuding a bona-fide 60s aura reminiscent of the Woodstock era and the psych-rock movement of the time.

The band consisted of Rick Skol on drums, Charles Gadsby on guitar, and Drew Tjernstrom on bass. They formed a heavy rock trio with the goal of creating loud and heavy music while maintaining their individuality and playing whatever they wanted, regardless of commercial appeal. They spent time experimenting and writing original songs in Skol’s basement before deciding to record their rehearsals on a two-track reel to reel tape recorder borrowed from their high school.

However, the project was short-lived, and the band went on separate paths by 1972, with both Skol and Gadsby continuing their long and successful musical careers, while Tjernstrom began working in the family business.

Fast forward to 1995, Charles Gadsby found the old reel to reel tape and, together with Skol and Tjernstrom, decided to re-record the material, staying true to its original form. The newly recorded material caught the attention of legendary British guitarist and songwriter Nick Saloman, who released it on CD in 2001 on his Woronzow Record label.

With renewed interest in the album, it was completely remastered and finally released on vinyl in June 2023 by Blue Matter Records, a new UK label founded by Nick Saloman. The limited run of 500 vinyl copies allowed the 60s aura to flow once again through listeners’ speakers.

The album’s release fulfilled a lifelong dream for Rick Skol, who had always wanted a vinyl record of his own material. The enduring relevance of the album’s messages on war, corruption, and angst resonated with listeners, and the Gadsby & Skol project experienced a well-deserved revival.



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Gadsby & Skol photo that was used on their 1970 gig handbills

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Gadsby & Skol


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