Jack grunsky my ship


Grunsky, Jack - My Ship

Format: LP
Label: Amadeo AVRS 9250 (France)
Year: 1969
Origin: Austria - Toronto, Ontario
Genre: folk, bossa nova
Value of Original Title: $75.00
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Release Type: Albums
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Playlist: Ontario, Foreign Pressings, 1960's, Folk


Side 1

Track Name
I'll Live My Life Just Loving You
Julie Knows
My Ship
Good Morning Dear Night
In This Room
I'm Turning Home

Side 2

Track Name
Here I Come Again
Train Station Blues
Sally McGregor
These Hands
South End of the Town
Raining In My Wine



Jack Grunsky - My Ship

Jack grunsky my ship label 02

Jack Grunsky-My Ship LABEL 02

Jack grunsky my ship label 01

Jack Grunsky-My Ship LABEL 01

Jack grunsky my ship

My Ship


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Born in Austria, and raised in Toronto, Jack returned to Austria in 1964 after completing high school in Toronto. He attended the Academy of Arts in Vienna and for the next ten years became popular in the European music scene as an acid folk singer-songwriter. In 1966 he formed the folk group, Jack's Angels, who recorded four albums for the Austrian Record label, Amadeo Records. They were hugely successful, but the group disbanded after a few years.

Jack continued recording and made three more solo albums for Amadeo Records. My Ship was his second solo album. Influenced by Dylan, Donovan, and Paul Simon, it was recorded in Vienna, Austria in 1968. The album contains the outstanding bossa nova track 'Julie Knows'. The first side is rounded out with Jack's tribute to his hometown of Toronto, Ontario with 'I'm Turning Home'. Popsike acoustic acid folk arrangements were provided by Robert Opratko and Hans Solomon.

Jack Grunsky: vocals, guitar
Peter Katzler: guitar
Herbert Katzler: bass


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